PlayStation App Redesign

September 2017 – October 2017

The Brief

A 6-week project in which we were challenged to evaluate three interfaces from distinct delivery mediums i.e a website, an app, and another interface of our choice. We needed to choose one to redesign, focusing on significantly improving the usability, aesthetics, and interaction quality.


Download my supporting document, which displays the full process of my design in detail.

The Solution

I chose to redesign the official PlayStation App for iOS. During my initial research, I found it had the most potential for improvement, and would allow me pursue app design, one of my biggest interests. My research included conducting a cognitive walkthrough, looking at user reviews, competitors, Apple guidelines and creating personas. Through this, I identified a number of specific improvements which would enhance the app in the three aforementioned areas.

Next, I created a set of paper wireframes, and took the best designs forward. Within digital development, I began by creating a low-fi prototype, and improved this iteratively till it was a level of high-fidelity. This enabled me to implement all the changes I had intended to make, and identify additional ways it could be improved. Once the app was finished, I conducted further user testing in order to gain an understanding of how much I had improved the overall user experience.

Design Showcase


Interactive Prototype

Instantly access a live demo of the prototype online on