January 2019 – March 2019

The Brief

For this 8-week live-brief with SoPost, working with two Fashion Communication students, we were asked to design 'a Product Sampling Community'. Its purpose was to enable cosmetics lovers to get the right product samples for them. We needed to consider a number of factors, such as identifying what it would look like, how people would engage with it, how brands reach the consumers, and more. The project was supported by meetings with the client, and bi-weekly deadlines, so we needed to ensure that we were managing our time effectively and successfully collaborating as a group.


Download my supporting document, which displays the full process of my design in detail.

The Solution

We designed an app called 'BeautySpot', in which the user can obtain targeted samples based on their personal preferences. By posting reviews, users earn SpotStamps, which are used for discounts on full-sized products. Users can also follow their favourite influencers on the platform. The community aims to be welcoming, inclusive, diverse, and promotes honest reviews to help cosmetics lovers to find products which work for them. The app is supported by a physical Zine, found in beauty locations.

We began by conducting a survey to learn about our user base, such as what sample sites they currently use, their opinions on reading reviews, redeeming rewards, etc. Creating a number of user stories based upon this enabled us to solidify our audience. Next, we conducted in-depth research which enabled us to gain knowledge about competitors, loyalty schemes, influencers, zines, and more.

Utilising this research enabled us to identify the features and functionality of the platform, as well as ensure that the app was branded effectively. We designed an interactive app, as well as a physical Zine, which work in tandem to create a modern, effective product sampling community.

Design Showcase


Project Video