About Me

A highly determined, diligent and disciplined individual with ongoing professional agency experience. I have a high level of expertise within UX processes, partnered with strong UI design. Harnessing my strong interpersonal skills, I thrive at collaborating within a team environment. I can also be trusted to work independently, maintaining tight deadlines. A competent, ambitious designer with a proficient skill set and high aspirations within the industry.



Competent in generating creative concepts and conducting relevant in-depth research.


Create immersive, high-quality interfaces with a focus on usability, aesthetics, and interaction quality.


Draw out paper wireframes, logo designs, and other elements before creating effective digital mock-ups.


Skilled in designing high-fidelity interactive prototypes, crafting sleek and intuitive experiences.

User Centred Design

Can identify the needs and wants of users, putting these at the heart of my development.

Web Development

Capable of creating fully functional online websites to suit a variety of purposes.

Employment & Experience

Capita Consulting (August 2019 – Present)

As part of the UX Design team, I’ve had the opportunity to create websites, style guides, graphical materials, personas/user flows, and much more UX related collateral. I have procured a solid grounding within the design industry, working in a dynamic agile and scrum environment. In collaborating closely with capabilities such as IxD and DevOps, I’ve acquired a greater understanding of the workings in these areas and further broadened my knowledge. Additionally, I have also partaken in user testing sessions, interviews, and co-design sessions, further crafting myself into a well-rounded professional designer with a comprehensive skill set.

Hedgehog Lab (March 2018 – April 2018)

4-week placement at Hedgehog Lab, working as part of a small team on developing an app aimed at storing memories. In the first two weeks, we conducted research through the use of different methods such as surveys, user testing, swim lane diagrams, and looking at the wider ecosystem. In the final two weeks we focused on the look/feel, branding and UI and built an interactive prototype.